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Oliver Mee
Maria Perry
Annie Munro
Catherine Mee

Born in Coventry at 98 Lockhurst Lane (registered 1909 Jul-Sep - Coventry 6d 537).
Appears in 1911 census as a son living at 98 Lockhurst Lane, Coventry.
Married in Coventry at the Register Office (registered 1933 Apr-Jun - Coventry 6d 1670), he was living at 50 Station Road East at the time.
Living at 84 Beacon Road when Catherine was born.
Im 1937 he was living at 32 Addison Road, Coventry and working as a Carpenter.
Died in 1937 at the Royal Brompton Hospital, Chelsea (registered 1937 Sep-Nov - Chelsea 1a 308).
He died of Bronchopneumonia, a complication of Diptheria. A lobectomy was performed as part of the treatment.