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Youngest son.
Born around 1512 (educated guess - definitely before 1539) in Castle Donnington, Deryshire (after John, his father, had moved there from Lockington).
Died in Aston-on-Trent.
Need to check that the will is appropriate to this Robert and not one born later.

Settled at Aston-on-Trent, co. Derby, which is distant about three miles from Castle Donington. He was probably born before 1539 - the date of the earliest register of Castle Donington. He married Jane Wilson, of either Ingleby or Findern, co. Derby, by whom he had eight children that are known of, namely three sons, and five daughters. None of the daughters are mentioned in his will except in that one was married to a Baldock, and it is evident that they were all married during his lifetime. His will is dated 1st February, 1602, and was proved and filed at Lichfield 16th February, 1602, the last year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth.

The fact that he had a grandchild who was able to help him (as in his will) suggests that the grandchild must have been in his later teens in 1602, which indicates him being born around 1584 and thus his mother must have been married (or William Baldock would have been William Mee) to a Baldock before 1584. There is a record of a Maude Mee being buried at Castle Donington on 26/11/1567 and she could well have been Robert's wife - but there is no evidence to suggest this.

In the name of God Amen I Robert Mee of Aston uppon trent [in the county of] of Darby husbandman the eleventh daie of February 16[02 the 44th] yeare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lady queene Elizabeth beinge sick in body but of good memory, godes Name be p[raised do] utter and and declare this my last Will in maner following Itm I commemd my soule into the handes of the Almightie hoping to be saved only by the merites of Jesus Christ layd hold on by a true and a lively faith. Next I wishe that my body should be buried in Aston Church Itm I give & bequeathe unto my sonne Robert Mee now dwelling in Drecott forty shillinges Itm' I (give) unto my sonne Thomas Mee dwelling in Ingleby [? shill]inges Itm I give unto William Baldock my daug[hter ?] sonne in regard of his service one of my kine[? The rest] of my goodes & chattells both wthin the dores & with[out ?] legacies & funeralles beinge first discharged out of [?] substances of my goodes I give & bequeath unto my [? ?] wiff Jane Mee to my sonne William Mee & to ales[? ?] whom I make [? ? or]daine to be my execu[tors ?] I will & [? ? ?] is that this thre [? ? ? ?]ntonaes shal[l ? ? ? ?] equally [? ? ?]
word of signed by John Wright, John Willson and Ellen Wright's mark